I'm Christian.

I like technology. I make websites and apps.
I'm also a musician. I like to make music.

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"Quality is the best business plan."
-John Lasseter

About Christian

A bit of my personal life – I recently married my beautiful wife, Josey, graduated from Iowa Central Community College with an Associates in Web Technology, and started my first full-time job at The IMT Group as a Programmer.

I like to make things. From a young age I always had a love for technology. I began tinkering with computers before I was even a teen. I found them to be very interesting—how could electricity be turned into an image on a screen? This has always fascinated me. I started to take interest in the web in my early teens and began making websites, hosting them on free servers with a subdomain. I thought I was so cool making and sharing my website creations. I look back now and see that those table-based layouts were awful. But hey, we all start somewhere. In the last 5 years or so I've been focusing on web and web-based software and applications. Web technologies have come a long way since I first started marking up my first HTML pages and are very powerful in what they can do now. I love writing and designing websites and web applications.

Another major interest as well as an influence in my life has been Music. I started at a very young age playing the snare drum, moved to the clarinet in middle school (but dropped out of band before I left middle school), and finally then began to play guitar my freshman year of high school. That was about eight years ago. A lot has happened in those eight years. But long story short, I followed what I felt God calling me to do and moved to Australia to attend Hillsong International Leadership College for Worship Music and Bible college right after high school. I then moved home and began focusing my attention on school and learning to code, but I still play guitar at my church (Eternity Church in Clive, Iowa), and love every second of it.

I also love making apps. Apps for iOS to be exact. So far I only have two in the App Store, but am working on a couple other ones that may or may not make it to the App Store. I'm also working on a version of Wedsite: Guest Photos for Android, but am kept busy with life and work enough to not be able to work on it much.

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